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So, You Think You Know Your Ramayana? - Valmiki Ramayana Webinar Series


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Uncover the Untold Wonders and Wisdoms of Ramayana


Ram Ram, Jai Siya Ram, or Jai Shri Ram – whichever one you prefer!

How well do you know Ramayana?

•    Why was Ayodhya called Ayodhya?
•    What were fair wages and tax rate in Rama’s time?
•    What does Rama say about destiny and karma?
•    There are plenty of Yes-men, but what should a leader watch out for?
•    What is more difficult than making friends?
•    What did Sita give to Hanuman as proof of their meeting?
•    What was the rationale behind Sita’s agni pariksha?


You may be worshipping Rama daily, or you have stopped worshipping because you became progressive or woke!
Your bhakti may be deep, shallow or non-existent, but Ramayana can still benefit you.


Bhakti is great, especially in Kaliyuga, but our Rishis always emphasized the importance of gyan, or knowing; doing something knowingly - what today we may call mindfulness, living aware.


Without Gyan/Jnana, Bhakti becomes andh-bhakti, open to manipulation.
Without Bhakti bhava, Gyan gives rise to arrogance. 


This webinar will also help you guide our younger and modern generation, our future, who don't follow anything, without explanation of the rationale behind it.


Make this New Year even more meaningful by delving into the wisdom ocean of our heritage and understand why and how Rama and his story are still relevant today.

Key Highlights

Discover the original Valmiki Ramayana

Understand the historical and cultural context

Strengthen your devotion, with deeper knowledge

Make your knowledge grounded, with devotion

Guide your children, because... culture is not genetic!

Uncover hidden meanings and lessons

Missed a session? Watch the recording.

PDF and other resources will also be added

What you will learn

Understanding the Valmiki Ramayana

Uncover the Untold Wonders of Ramayana: Delve into 10 Fascinating Insights Daily

Exploring the Characters and their Motivations

Gain insights into the various characters in the Ramayana, such as Rama, Sita, Hanuman, and Ravana, and understand their motivations and roles in the narrative.

Practical and Philosophical Wisdom

Discover the practical and philosophical wisdom embedded within the Ramayana's stories and episodes, and apply them to modern-day life.

Interpreting Symbolism and Allegories

Learn how to analyze and interpret the symbolic elements and allegories present in the Ramayana, and understand their deeper significance.

Appreciating the Cultural Significance of Ramayana

Explore the cultural impact of the Ramayana on Indian art, literature, theater, and religious practices, as well as its influence on Southeast Asian cultures.

Guide our next generation, our future

The modern generation doesn't want to follow anything without proper explanation. This course will help you to answer their questions satisfactorily.


Session 1 - Jan 1, 2024 - at 7:00 PM IST

16 attachments • 2 hrs

Praising Rama and Valmiki



Archana puja of Ramayana


1.1 Adikavya Ramayana

1.2 Mahatmya - greatness of Ramayana

1.3 Qualities of a Good Leader


1.4 Birth of Shloka verse

1.5 Composing Ramayana by Valmiki

1.6 The Great City of Ayodhya


1.7 Qualities of a Good Citizen

1.8 Qualities of a Good Minister

1.9 Event Management


1.10 Event Infastructure

Session 1 - Complete Video Part 1


Session 1 - Complete Video Part 2


Session 2 - Jan 2, 2024 - at 7:00 PM IST

11 attachments • 1 hrs

2.1 Saving Humanity


21. Payasam

2.3 Helper Avatars

2.4 The Birth of Princes

2.5 Bull Riding


2.6 The Promise

2.7 Bala and Atibala


2.8 Good Morning - Suprabhatam


2.9 Tataka

2.10 The Divya Astra

Session 2 - Complete Video


Session 3 - Jan 3, 2024 - at 7:00 PM IST

10 attachments • 1 hrs

3.1 Vishvamitra

3.2 Ganga

3.3 Samudra Manthana


3.4 Ahalya

3.5 Vishvamitra's Tapasya

3.6 Shiva Dhanusha


3.7 Royal Ancestry

3.8 Marriage

3.9 Parashurama

Session 3 - Complete Video


Session 4 - Jan 4, 2024 - at 7:00 PM IST

8 attachments • 1 hrs

4.1 Rama's Qualities


4.2 Council Approved Coronation

4.3 Preparations

4 - Afterthought of Caution

4.5 Manthara


4.6 The Promise

4.7 Daiva or Purushartha (Destiny or Effort)

Session 4 - full video


Session 5 - Jan 5, 2024 - at 7:00 PM IST

7 attachments • 1 hrs

5.1 Lakshmana's Wrath

5.2 Daiva is Strong


5.3 Take the Throne by Force

5.4 Kaushalya's Soulful Blessings

5.5 Father has exiled me


5.6 Sita Likes Nature Camps

Session 5 - Complete Video


Session 6 - Jan 6, 2024 - at 7:00 PM IST

9 attachments • 1 hrs

6.1 Bharta hi paradaivatam

6.2 Take me too

6.3 Mother, Father, Acharya are visible forms of divine


6.4 Fourteen years' salary

6.5 Rama has no desires but one

6.6 Riches to rags

6.7 katham nu chiram badhananti munayo vanavasinah


6.8 No Rama, no rashtra


Session 6 - complete video


Session 7 - Jan 8, 2024 - at 7:00 PM IST

8 attachments • 1 hrs

7.1 Leaving for vanavasa

7.2 Rama is the essence of everything.


7.3 Citizens follow Rama

7.4 Reaching Ganga - simshumara (beluga)

7.5 Embracing old friend Nishadaraja Guha

7.6 Vanavasi, jata, nyagrodha milk

7.7 Bhardwaja muni, Shyama vata, Respect for nature


Session 7 - Complete Video


Session 8 - Jan 9, 2024

9 attachments • 2 hrs

8.1 Lions don't eat others' kill

8.2 No enemy like shoka


8.3 Karma catches up - Shravana kumar

8.4 Dasharatha no more

8.5 Nation without a leader

8.6 Bharata returns

8.7 Bharat scolds Kaikeyi


8.8 Bharatas curses - yasya aryaH anumate gatah

Session 8 - Complete video


Session 9 - Jan 10, 2024

11 attachments • 2 hrs

9.1 Dasharatha Cremation - Ishavasyopanishad

9.2 Bharat Refuses Throne

9.3 Ayodhya to Ganga Highway


9.4 Off to get Rama

9.5 Various Occupations in Ayodhya

9.6 Bharata meets Guha

9.7 Bharata meets Rama

9.8 Rama's wisdom on governance

9.9 Fourteen Shortcomings of a King


9.10 Rama Paduka - satye lokah pratishthita

Session 9 - Complete Video


Session 10 - Jan 11, 2024

10 attachments • 2 hrs

10.1 Bow and Trigonometry

10.2 Types of Tapasavis seeking refuge


10.3 Sita advises Rama on kshatriya-restraint

10.4 Meeting Rishi Agastya

10.5 Prajapati and The Origin of Species


10.6 Festival of New Crop - nava-sasyeshTi

10.7 Surpanakha attacks

10.8 Ravana informed about Rama

10.9 Maricha - ramo vigrahavan dharmah


Session 10 - Complete Video


Session 11 - Jan 12, 2024

9 attachments • 2 hrs

11.1 Maricha - the Golden Deer


11.2 Hunting the Golden Deer

11.3 Sita sends Lakshmana to help Rama

11.4 Disguised Ravana praises Sita

11.5 I am Rama's - aham ramam anuvrataa


11.6 Jatayu fights Ravana

11.7 You have 12-months time

11.8 Headless Kabandha gives a clue

Session 11 - Complete Video


Session 12 - Jan 13, 2024

8 attachments • 1 hrs

12.1 Rama-vilapa at Pampa

12.2 Utsaha - the strength of all


12.3 Meeting Hanuman - sugrivam sharanam gataha

12.4 Rama-Sugriva maitri, subterranean caves


12.5 Sugriva tests Rama, challenges Vali

12.6 Vali scolds Rama

12.7 Rama's reply to Vali

Session 12 - Complete Video


Session 13 - Jan 15, 2024

9 attachments • 1 hrs

13.1 Sugriva-vishada - Be Careful What You Wish For


13.2 Don't mourn for a warrior - Vali's last rites

13.3 Sugriva enjoys, Rama sends Lakshmana

13.4 Lakshmana's wrath - Easy to Make Friends


13.5 The Four Expeditions

13.6 No Luck - Angad's depression

13.7 Sampati - Seven Paths of Bird Flights


13.8 Hanuman Arrives in Lanka

Session 13 - Complete Video


Session 14 - Jan 16, 2024

10 attachments • 2 hrs

14.1 Hanuman Searches Ravana's Palace

14.2 No success - Hanuman Loses Hope

14.3 Hanuman's Renewed Enthusiasm


14.4 Ravana Sweettalks, Sita's Rebuke

14.5 Ravana's Threat

14.6 Sita's Sorrow


14.7 Sita Hanuman samvada

14.8 Sita Declines Hanuman Offer, Vatika Destruction


14.9 Hanuman Meets Ravana

Session 14 - Complete Video


Session 15 - Jan 17, 2024

10 attachments • 1 hrs

15.1 Hanuman Burns Down Lanka

15.2 Hanuman Returns, Madhuvana Ravaged

15.3 Hanuman Tells Rama About Sita


15.4 Off to Lanka

15.5 Deliberation in Ravana's Court

15.6 Kumbhakarana Scolds Ravana

15.7 Ravana Expels Vibhishana


15.8 Vibhishana Seeks Rama Refuge

15.9 Rama, The Sea, The Bridge

Session 15 - Complete Video


Session 16 - Jan 18, 2024

7 attachments • 1 hrs

16.1 Ravana's Spy in Rama's Army

16.2 Indian Mathematics - Extremely Large Numbers


16.3 Main Warriors of Rama's Army

16.4 Ravana's Trick - Rama's Fake Head

16.5 Malyavan - Rama is Vishnu's Avatara


16.6 War Starts

Session 16 - Complete Video


Session 17 - Jan 19, 2024

8 attachments • 1 hrs

17.1 Ravana's Curses, Kumbhakarna is Woken

17.2 Kumbhakarna


17.3 Kumbhakarna Scolds Ravana, Dies in Battle

17.4 Mighty Indrajit, Hanuman Gets Sanjivani

17.5 Indrajit and Maya Sita

17.6 Lakshmana on Importance of Artha


17.7 Indrajit Killed

Session 17 - Complete Video


Session 18 - Jan 20, 2024

13 attachments • 2 hrs

18.1 Ravana in Battle

18.2 Aditya Hridayam Meaning


18.3 Aditya Hridayam Video

18.4 Ravana Killed

18.5 Mandodari Mourns


18.6 Hanuman Checks on Sita

18.7 Sita Arrives


18.8 Rama's Unpleasant Words to Sita

18.9 Sita's Appeal and Agni Pravesha

18.10 Rama's Explanation and Acceptance

18.11 Return to Ayodhya and Coronation

18.12 Conclusion and Thanks


Session 18 - Complete Video


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About the creator


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